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2023 Group Workshops: TBD

2023 Private Workshops:

* 3 hours, $375. Held at your home if in San Francisco or at my spacious office in SF if you live elsewhere.

* No prior yoga or massage experience necessary.
* The ideal time for the class is third trimester.

Yoga and Massage for Labor

Deepen your birth preparation through essential massage, yoga, breath, and relaxation practice.  This workshop will provide you and your birth partner with confidence and an invaluable array of tools to support labor and birth, whether for your first baby or beyond.
In this workshop, together you will:
*  Learn how to relieve labor pain and muscle and joint discomforts of pregnancy using specific massage techniques.  This includes where and how to apply counter-pressure, appropriate types of touch during and between contractions, and use of good body mechanics to facilitate comfort and endurance in offering support.
*  Learn foundational breath techniques to gain energy, focus and calm.
*  Practice partner yoga postures to strengthen and open the body for labor and birth.
*  Practice positions that tap your body’s wisdom, align with gravity to ease your body’s work, and aid progression of labor.
*  Learn to use vocalization to focus your mind and relax your body through contractions.
*  Discuss the importance of mindset in framing a positive birth experience.

* Receive one-on-one guidance from your teachers, only possible in this focused and intimate small group setting.

My husband Craig Marble and I offer group workshops every few months. I also regularly offer private workshops (3 hours, $375). Privates allow complete focus on your personal questions and birth intentions. 
"Kari and Craig's pace, content, resource listings and practical demonstrations were extremely helpful! The variety of partner poses and massage techniques were invaluable during labor, and because my husband and I learned them together, he was able to assist me in remaining present and focused when it got tough during labor. We acted as a team and felt closer than ever."

​“My husband and I LOVED Kari and Craig’s workshop. He feels so confident and enthusiastic now about what he can do to support me in labor and is looking forward to it!"