Specializing in Women's Health in the Childbearing Year and Beyond


K A R I  M A R B L E



"Kari has the most calming, confident energy -- she is so knowledgeable and insightful. She has definitely found her gift and calling working with pre- and post-natal women!”
- Jody L.
“ Our son's birth turned out to be quite an event because he descended in the posterior position, he was large, and labor was long. Kari and Craig’s support, advice, and knowledge during my pregnancy helped us to have a natural birth.”  - Anna H. 
“ Kari is a true gift to all pregnant mamas and will always hold cherished memories for me when thinking of both of my pregnancies.”  - Robyn W.
“We were at home for almost all of our labor, and put the massage skills Kari taught us to excellent use. Counter-pressure on my back was enormously helpful and I credit the techniques for allowing us to sidestep any pain medication.”  - Amy D.

"Kari is a magic healer, and I was so grateful to do prenatal yoga with her and infant massage. With Kari's guidance I was able to create a toolbox to help my newborn with stomach aches, upset episodes and ask questions." - Carolyn
“Kari's intuition is both gentle and strong, and her presence brought my wife and I closer together.  She is a skilled and experienced teacher, of both mind and body.  I needed help becoming the strong, calm presence that I wanted to be as a birth partner, and Kari gave me the knowledge, confidence and toolkit I needed. “  - Bill S.
“Many thanks and blessings for your warmth and depth of knowledge leading up to our little one’s birth.  You showed us how to connect like never before,  and as a result, our labor was full of love, respect and beauty.  You are certainly a healer and we will forever be grateful for our time spent with you and Craig.” - Jamie M.
“Thank you for bringing so much beauty, meaning and serenity to my pregnancies.”  
- Erica L. 
“Thank you for providing so much comfort, strength, and advice through your class. I look forward to that class every week and my body always feels so relaxed after I leave. It's incredible.  You are very inspirational!”  - Jessica K.
“Just being in a room full of pregnant women is enough to help me wrap my head around and embrace my own experience. While I love my regular Iyengar yoga practice, it’s challenging to be singled out much of the time based on what I cannot do or specific modifications that are geared toward me. It’s really special to be in a class specifically geared to what we all can do, especially at this stage in the transformation to mamahood.”  - Julie R.
“Kari’s classes were central to my pregnancy. Even years later, I remember how much I looked forward to them and how they gave me such a sense of preparedness, body awareness, calm, and community.”  - Megan D.
“Kari says the most calming and truthful and empowering things that are so valuable to me and I'm sure, the entire class.”  - Valerie C.
“Kari has been the biggest support of all in my process of pregnancy and new motherhood.   I don't know what I would have done without her!  The world is a far better place because of her.”  - Kelly M.
“Kari rocks. Her massages are therapeutic. She digs in and gets those knots. She has neuro-muscular reprogramming techniques that she uses to locate the true source of pain and work on it. She is terrific to work on pregnant women and new moms. She worked wonders at getting my body out of the aches of carrying a young child.”
 - Elsa T.