Specializing in Women's Health in the Childbearing Year and Beyond


K A R I  M A R B L E


“Kari’s classes were central to my pregnancy. Even years later, I remember how much I looked forward to them and how they gave me such a sense of preparedness, body awareness, calm, and community.”  ~ Megan D.

“Kari’s prenatal yoga class is 10,000 times better than anything else I did during my pregnancy. It’s really the best thing that happened to me during my pregnancy journey."  ~ Wen G 

Prenatal Yoga Class Schedule

Sundays         10:30-11:50am PT       In Person at JCCSF

​Thursdays     9:30-10:45am PT        In Person at Purusha Yoga as of 2/9

I teach the Sunday JCCSF class twice per month: my early 2023 dates are 1/22, 2/12, 2/19, 3/12, 3/26. Darya Mead teaches the other Sundays. Free for JCCSF members. For nonmembers, $45 or $30 if entering with a member. Nonmember fee includes full fitness center access for the day. Full Covid-19 vaccination required to enter the building. No advance registration necessary; just come and check in at the front desk!


Through practicing yoga during both of my pregnancies, and through working with thousands of pregnant women over the past 20+ years, I have witnessed and experienced the tremendous contribution that yoga can make for a healthy, enjoyable pregnancy and a conscious and positive birth and parenthood experience.  

During my labors, yoga gave me the tools to breathe down to my baby, to focus, visualize and vocalize through contractions, to trust my body's knowing, to move, stretch and rest my body in alignment with gravity to work with labor and help baby move down, to come back to center over and over, to stay connected with my baby, and to release fear and tap into and trust the power of birth.
Women in our culture tend to have very limited birth preparation, often just a one-day intensive course on birth prep and perhaps a half day course on newborn parenting and breastfeeding. Most women are in their third trimester by the time they take these classes, and have missed the opportunity to learn valuable tools earlier that could greatly enhance their experience of pregnancy and their preparation for birth. One day I realized that I have many more hours with pregnant women who come to my class regularly throughout pregnancy than the teachers of these brief, intensive birth prep courses have with them, and thus a real opportunity to give to them.
I take this privilege both seriously and delightfully, and integrate information about pregnancy, birth and parenting throughout each class in varying ways. Along with postures to open, strengthen and relax the body and mind, this might include special meditations, breath practices, visualizations, affirmations, pain management techniques, recommendations of excellent practitioners and books, and discussion around topics such as doulas, the mind in labor, managing stress, and birth choices. I design classes to increase comfort and fluidity in the rapidly changing pregnant body, enabling women to feel a greater sense of strength, vitality, grace, calm, confidence, and playfulness. Partners are welcome. My vision for mamas is through yoga and massage to support women in their physical, emotional and spiritual journey into motherhood and into deep connection with Self.  
I also offer private sessions as well as training modules in prenatal and postnatal yoga for yoga teacher training programs. Please contact me for further information.
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