New On-Demand Videos via Teachable! 

I've created three themed 30-minute Himalayan Kundalini Breath and Kriya Sets, accessible to all levels including new practitioners. Kriya means evolutionary action. Kriya practices move us in the direction of growth. 

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Specializing in Women's Health in the Childbearing Year and Beyond

SERVING THE SAN FRANCISCO Bay Area (and everywhere via Zoom!)

K A R I  M A R B L E


Daily practices to center and calm your mind and nervous system, uplift your spirit, and increase your focus, presence, clarity and energy.

Centering and grounding, intended to de-stress the nervous system and increase mental focus, clarity, energy, calm and equanimity.

Improve Your Focus, Attention, Presence + Clarity. Release stress stored in the nervous system, and quiet mental chatter. Ground your energy.

Gentle, expansive and uplifting, and intended to awaken a subtle joy that comes form deep within and is the foundation of our being.