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K A R I  M A R B L E


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"Kari is a magic healer, and I was so grateful to do prenatal yoga and infant massage with her. With Kari's guidance I was able to create a toolbox to help my newborn with stomach aches and upset episodes and ask many questions."

- Carolyn

" We did a full massage last night and she was out like a light. This is contrast to us usually having to navigate with her through an hour of bedtime meltdown. It's so great to have another tool to help her calm her nervous system and wind down.

I especially loved your focus on giving babies undivided attention, and reading and respecting their "yes" and "no."

- Jordan B.


​​​"Kari Marble's Infant massage class was superb and I will recommend it to everyone

I know with babies or expecting. Kari not only provided massage lessons, she also covered understanding baby's cues re when to give a massage, how to be in the right space as the caregiver, how to adapt as our baby gets older, and even how to
care for ourselves as parents/caregivers.

​Kari is a warm and patient teacher and it was also just nice being with her in our living room
(via zoom). I am so excited to try the new techniques I learned
and am already singing my baby the new songs."

​~ Adela P

Join me to learn how to give your baby a full-body massage. Sharing loving touch with your baby builds love, respect, and trust as you learn to calm, delight, attune to, and ease fussiness in your little one. Massage enhances well-being, brain development, immune and nervous system health, circulation, digestion, relaxation and sleep, and can relieve gas, constipation, colic and stress. And it's fun!

Classes are suitable for babies 4 weeks through pre-crawling. All require pre-registration. Two caregivers are encouraged for the one-time class if possible, so that one can still be free to learn the content and practice on a doll while the other meets baby's needs for feeding, diapering and cuddling as they arise. After the class, I provide you with a link to a video of me reviewing all the massage strokes on a doll.

The options are:
* Mom’s Group Workshop - a two hour class offered via Zoom or in person for your own group of babies and their parents, $80 per baby for 5-6 babies, $125 per baby for 3-4 babies, $175 per baby for 2 babies.
* Private Workshop - a two hour class held in person or via Zoom just for your family, $350.
* Group Workshop - offered in San Francisco through Natural Resources and Newborn Connections/California Pacific Medical Center. Pricing depending on location and membership, with details below.

2023 One-Time Group Workshops:

Natural Resources

Saturdays 2/25, 4/1 and 6/10 in person (more dates tba)

$80 per baby, $65 for members
Preregistration required: please register online here.
Minimum 5 babies, maximum 8.

CPMC Van Ness, through Newborn Connections

Thursdays 2/23, 4/20, and 6/8 via Zoom
$75 per baby (two parents/caregivers per baby are welcome).
Preregistration required: please register online at Scroll to select infant massage.
Minimum 3 babies, maximum 8.

2023 Four Class Series:

All held through Natural Resources via Zoom
* Mondays 3/13, 3/20, 3/27 and 4/3

$165 per baby for nonmembers, $135 per baby for members. 

Preregistration required: please register online here.
Minimum 4 babies, maximum 8.

​​Classes are offered regularly via Zoom and in person.

Please see details below.

Private sessions are also available.

Infant Massage Classes