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K A R I  M A R B L E


* To arrange a one-time three hour private workshop, please email or call 415-845-1073.
* $375 per couple including audioguide mp3 files
* No prior meditation experience necessary.
* Ideal to take the class as early in pregnancy as possible.

Calm Birth: The New Potential of Childbirth

We can’t always wait for the chance to escape to a Himalayan cave to restore mental clarity, energy, and balance; we tend to need the gifts meditation brings more than ever during pregnancy, labor, and parenthood.
Calm Birth is a set of three respected practices from meditation science. Practice of these methods helps women tap their innate ability to birth from a place of calm awareness and strength. The practices can balance hormonal function, calm the mind, reduce stress, strengthen the immune system, heal the nervous system, enhance prenatal bonding with baby, and offer powerful tools for pain management in preparation for childbirth. The program also offers Calm Mother, an essential companion audioguide for the year after childbirth.

The earlier in pregnancy that you can begin, the better, so that you have time to practice the meditations and receive the benefits for you and baby throughout your pregnancy.  A private class with me includes: discussion of biological and other benefits of meditation, the research base, and history of each of the three practices; doing all three of the practices and discussing your experience; and addressing how to establish a regular practice and how to use the methods during pregnancy, labor and postpartum/parenting. Ideally your partner participates in the session to learn and gain from the practices as well and to be able to support you with that understanding.

Please see for more detailed information on the practices. Those wishing to begin practice as soon as possible before a class can obtain a CD or mp3 files and the Calm Birth book from the Calm Birth web site.
"Calm Birth is a sublime gift to all of us. It contains the blueprint for reconnecting with birth wisdom on all levels... doing the practices will transform the birth process and imprint a peaceful beginning in both mother and child. The positive impact of this on society can't be overestimated."
-- Christiane Northrup, M.D., author, Women's Bodies,  Women's Wisdom and Mother Daughter Wisdom