During this unique time, I continue to teach live streaming classes and private sessions on Zoom as well as in-person private and group indoor classes in San Francisco. ​​Now is the time for these healing practices to truly serve! 



New In-Person Classes in San Francisco!

Breathwork & Meditation Series 

Stay tuned for the next series coming in early 2023
at my office at 1626 Union Street 
Registration Coming Soon

Weekly Group Classes (all times are PT)

Prenatal Yoga - every other Sunday at 10:30am (in person)

Himalayan Kundalini - Thursdays at 9:15am (Zoom)

Also, please see my On Demand tab for three pre-recorded practices of themed Himalayan Kundalini Breath & Kriya sets available for purchase! The themes are DeExcite the Nervous System, Stabilize and Activate Brain Health, and Awaken Subtle Joy from Within.



* Two hour in person workshop at  Natural Resources on Saturday 12/10, 1-3pm. Details and registration here.​

* One time two-hour workshop on Thursday 11/17, 1:30-3:30pm on Zoom via CPMC/Newborn Connections. Details here and registration here.

And, I am available for Private Yoga & Meditation in person via my new private office in San Francisco and virtually via Zoom. Contact me.

"Practicing with Kari is a magical experience. Her guidance and expertise allow you to practice at your own pace. She will say the exact right thing during practice that I didn’t even know I needed to hear. I always leave her class feeling reset and more closely connected with my true self."
— Ashley S

"For 13 (!) years Kari has been both an inspiring and a steadying presence in my life. I am so grateful to have connected with her during my first pregnancy, and to have stayed connected since then. I hope to be lucky enough to keep learning from Kari for years to come.”

"Kari is a gift. Practicing with her has expanded my heart and helped me to live more aligned with my authentic self and my values."

—Laura B​​

“Kari’s prenatal yoga class is 10,000 times better than anything else I did during my pregnancy. It’s really the best thing that happened to me during my pregnancy journey."
— Wen G 

Welcome Om, welcome home, deep into discovery of your own essence, peace, joy, and innate healing capacity.

Kari is an amazing teacher. She carries years of experience that flow through her with the

grace of an adept. Her heart is open, radiating compassion and skillfully attuning. And she can

bring you forward from wherever you are right now - from the very beginning of your path,

to taking you to the next level after 20 years of practice. And from the opening of your physical body to balancing of your energy body. And much more. She is that."
— Amber H

K A R I  M A R B L E



Specializing in Women's Health in the Childbearing Year and Beyond

SERVING THE SAN FRANCISCO Bay Area (and everywhere via Zoom!)


​updated 11/1/22

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