SERVING THE SAN FRANCISCO Bay Area (and now the world via Zoom!)

K A R I  M A R B L E


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I have practiced meditation for over 30 years. While I formally began with transcendental meditation at age 18, I recall much earlier memories of loving to sit quietly in the meditation garden at my grade school. My 20s brought my first trip to India, a yoga practice, Vipassana (Insight/Mindfulness) studies and chanting with Tara Brach, a decade of intense work and travel, and the launch of my lifelong commitment to the path of spiritual awakening. My 30s brought motherhood and a professional shift into the healing arts centering on women’s health through meditation, yoga, massage, birth preparation, and women’s circles.

This work expanded the past decade to include leading yoga and meditation retreats, meditating through the lineage and teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda and Self Realization Fellowship, and devoted study of the Yoga Sutras with Kate Holcombe and of Bhakti yoga with Jai Uttal and Nubia Teixeira, all of which deepened profoundly with two more trips to India at ages 40 and 50. Other important influences on my meditation path include Robert Newman (Tibetan Buddhist meditation), Sally Kempton (devotional contemplative tantra), and Anand Mehrotra (Himalayan Sattva Yoga). The greatest gift of meditation to me is the direct experience of higher consciousness and communion with the Divine. I delight in holding sacred space for others on their journey to a tranquil inner temple, transformation, and Self-discovery.

Tuesdays         8:00-8:30am PST    Pranayama & Kriyas to Clear and Calm

Thursdays       8:00-8:30am PST    Pranayama & Kriyas to Energize and Activate

Please note I am not holding these classes in October while caring for my dog's new puppies! Otherwise, held currently via Zoom. 

We can’t always wait for the chance to escape to a Himalayan cave or chant by the Ganges or take a silent retreat away to restore mental clarity, energy, inner steadiness, and connection to Self; we tend to need the gifts meditation brings right here right now, in daily life.

Come join me Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Morning practice activates clear, focused and radiant energy to set the tone for your day. In this class, we will utilize the powerful tools of pranayama, kriya, mudra, and mantra to open a direct path to a deep and dynamic stillness. Here we can connect with Self, and bathe in this illuminating field of insight, presence and ease. Come sit with me and learn these ancient yet ever relevant techniques to support you in surfing the ongoing experiential journey of life.

Meditation and Breathwork Class Schedule