K A R I  M A R B L E


Offerings from My Heart and Soul

I am a mother of two and a certified yoga teacher, massage therapist, infant massage instructor, and birth educator with a passionate and extensive specialization in the childbearing year and healthy family living. My vision is through yoga and massage to support women in their physical, emotional and spiritual journey into motherhood.  My prenatal and postnatal yoga classes offer a revitalizing and centering practice, educational content, and warm, nurturing community. My bodywork specialties include prenatal, postnatal, deep tissue, neuromuscular reprogramming, and craniosacral therapy. I also train teachers in prenatal and postnatal yoga and massage therapists in the art of pregnancy massage.
Along with my husband Craig, an acupuncturist specializing in the childbearing year and pediatric care, I also teach group and private workshops for expectant couples in yoga and massage for labor and in Calm Birth childbirth meditation and deep relaxation methods. 
My two beautiful children, Kaya (18) and Jaiden (15), and my soul-mate husband of over 20 years, Craig, are my muses and my devotion. They have inspired expression in me of all the gifts that are now my honor to share with you.
I have loved massage since childhood, and I began to practice yoga after my first trip to India at age 21. My life before the healing arts as a profession spanned numerous countries and states and centered on economic development and education and social policy. The desire to conceive a child led me to deepen my yoga and meditation practice and to consider shifting away from work that demanded 70+ hours a week and plenty of travel.  Yoga during my first pregnancy in 2000 changed my life in the most beautiful, profound ways – it allowed me to cultivate a new depth of awakening, of inner tranquility, of trust in my body’s innate wisdom, of connection with my baby – all of which inspired me to change my professional path in order to educate and awaken other women to this transformation. The moment I began to teach I felt as though I had come home to a place warm, rich and familiar, and I have loved teaching yoga ever since.
My growth over the past 18 years in teaching/providing prenatal yoga, postnatal yoga, yoga teacher training, infant massage, birth education, therapeutic massage, gentle and restorative yoga, yoga philosophy, meditation, and devotional chanting (kirtan) has been a deeply organic process, based upon development of my own practice, continuous study independently and with extraordinary teachers, my exploration with my children, experience with sustaining and healing from injuries, learning ways to try to manage the stresses of working and raising children, and a desire to create ongoing, healthy community for families.
I feel profoundly moved and blessed every day by the intimate sharing in people’s lives that this work invites. Thank you for considering working with me!